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As well as traditional piano recitals David Strong offers a school music project where he visits schools/colleges, playing for the pupils, working with them and helping them create their own pieces.

The idea for the project comes from Richard McNicol, leader of the London Symphony Orchestra`s education dept.This is a chance for the children to get their hands dirty musically speaking! (A project is also great fun!)

Using the instruments the school has at hand (Orff instruments, percussion, recorders etc.) David Strong and the children create a piece. The inspiration for this is one of the pieces David plays for them, for example music by Bartok, Debussy, Beethoven. After hearing the project piece the children discuss what they have heard,( structure, dynamic, atmosphere etc.) and then work on their own piece, with a short performance of their work afterwards. After making their own piece the children hear the original once more. The result is a better understanding of the way in which classical music works and the children become better listeners.

The ideal number of participants is from 25 to 30 and a project can take from 45 minutes to a whole morning /afternoon. There is also the possibility of an evening concert, after a project during the day, where the children perform their own improvisations as part of the concert programme. Though especially aimed at 7 to 11 year olds a project can be tailored to any age group, adults included. For further details contact David Strong at david@davidstrong.dk